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Germán González Senior editor

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This implies that we are unable to provide universally applicable download links, relevant version information.
Windows Live Call is one of the services provided by Microsoft within Windows Live.
It was integrated some time ago into Windows Live Messenger, in order to enter to the market of the quite recently created VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, which allows users to place PC to PC or PC to Phone voice and video calls.
Microsoft has signed commercial agreements with many international telecommunication companies to establish a network that will enable users to make calls with only a computer, a microphone, speakers and a broadband internet connection to virtually any place in the world.
Windows Live Call allows following:
• Inter-Computers Call, users can place PC to PC voice calls to any of their Windows Live Messenger contacts, FREE!
• Inter-Computers Video Call, users can place PC to PC video calls to any of their Windows Live Messenger contacts, FREE!
• Phone Calls, users can place PC to ground lines or mobiles anywhere in the world, for a price of course.

Before making a call, certain aspects must be taken into account:
• A connection fee applies. A fixed charge will apply every time the call is made, no matter if the call is interrupted or not.
• Rates will vary upon two factors: the country the call is made to (some countries cost more than others) and if the call is placed to a landline or a mobile phone (landline is cheaper than mobiles).
After checking all this I decided to make a call to a friend in the UK, I spent $1 for a bit more than an hour of chat! The sound was not bad, but some echo was heard.
I think Windows Live Call is a good option to reduce long-distance calls, but I would recommend testing all voip software and using the one that feels better.


  • Helps to reduce long-distance costs.


  • Can't place Calls to phones or mobiles everywhere.

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